In-store Digital Display International, Inc. (IDDI) is a narrowcasting company set up to operate a network of digital flat screens installed in various point-of-sale locations such as health and beauty retail stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, money remittance centers, and other similar locations in Asia & the Middle East with an initial rollout in the Philippines.
Did you know that 30-80% of purchase decisions are made inside the store?
Did you know that you have a bigger chance to change a consumer's mind inside the store compared to TV, radio, or print?
Did you know that people are spending less time watching TV at home?
Did you know that for impulse brands, you have a bigger chance of convincing your consumers inside the store?
Did you know that for a fraction of a price of a TV commercial, you can reach over 16 million consumers per month?
Did you know that IDDI could help you develop materials or contents that can be shown on the screens?